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ImageChef Incorporated was founded in 2003 to create a new genre of imaging products for the consumer market. ImageChef is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is privately funded.

ImageChef technology has been customized for the mobile industry and has been licensed by mobile operators and content aggregators.

ImageChef Inc.
25 Stillman Street, Suite 106
San Francisco, CA 94107

Business and Licensing:

ImageChef Principals

Rolf Rando
President, CEO

Rolf Rando has unique combination of technical, creative and business background, with over 4 years experience in the mobile industry and over 8 years in the 3D graphics industry.

Before founding ImageChef, Rolf was first employee and and senior software engineer at WideRay, where he co-developed their award winning Jack' mobile caching server.

Rolf was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of ThinkFish Productions, where he created one of the first non-photorealistic 3D rendering systems. The technology, called LiveStyles, was licensed to CAD and consumer graphics software companies and won an innovation of the year award from Computer Graphics World magazine . ThinkFish was acquired by Viewpoint Datalabs in 1997.

While doing research at the MIT, Media Lab Rolf co-developed Harmonic Driving, an interactive musical experience that was part of composer Tod Machover's 'Brain Opera' which premiered at Lincoln Center in New York in 1996 and has since toured worldwide.

Rolf holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jeff Jouppi
Creative Director

Jeff Jouppi is a creative professional specializing in developing product offerings from emergent technologies. He has 10 years of experience in the computer graphics industry

Jeff began his career as Art Director and first employee of ThinkFish Productions where he was responsible for the visual and interactive capabilities of their non-photo realistic rendering technology. Continuing on through a merger with Viewpoint DataLabs, he worked to productize the ThinkFish technology into a desktop application and client services. Moving to Computer Associates, he was Creative Director for a pilot R&D group focusing on interface design to provide elegant visual access to complex data for their enterprise management applications. Jeff joined MetaCreations with the task of expanding its 3D plug-in capabilities to include on line promotions, interactive games and collaborative design environments. Clients included Ford, Infiniti, NBC, AOL, Sony, and Warner Bros. Jeff oversaw the creative integration of the MetaCreations technology into AOL 8.0 with uses for immersive ad placement, shopping tools and personal themes.

Jeff received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design.

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