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Now anyone can create a custom image without any technical knowledge or advanced tools. Modify text in a variety of image templates to create professional quality images with your own personal touch.

Once you customize an image, you can e-mail it to a friend directly from within the ImageChef site along with an extra text message.

New Blogging Features

You can also now quickly place images so they can be seen on a 3rd party services such as Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and Blogger. Simply, register for an account, and after you personalize an image you can preview different image sizes. HTML is then provided for you to paste directly into your blog post or comment!
Detailed Instructions

TypePad Widget Support
Registered users can instantly post their personalized image on SixApart's TypePad blogging service on the sidebar of their blog. One you are registered, posting is easy.
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Most templates are now free! Unregistered users get unlimited access to the free images for personal use. Certain images are only available to registered users.

If you register, you can use ImageChef's hosting service and link to your personalized images so they appear on your blog.
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